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LOOK YOUTHFUL & RADIANT AGAIN! Collagen peptides Type I, II & III provide the proteins & amino acids necessary to support healthy bones & nails as well as improve joint function and your body’s response to strenuous exercise. Help realize your inner beauty from our 14 IN 1 COLLAGEN ADVANCED COMPLEX. MORE THAN ONLY COLLAGEN: Our Collagen Peptides contain Copper for 3 x better absorption, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, MCT Oil, and Probiotics for excellent well-being. As you age, your existing Collagen breaks down, making it harder for your body to produce more. That is why it exists COLLAGEN PEPTIDES 14 IN 1 COLLAGEN ADVANCED COMPLEX. KAPPA NUTRITION has many years of research for outstanding product manufacturing for worldwide health and beauty.


SKU: 0746092372860 / 120 Capsules
    • MADE IN THE USA AND TESTED FOR PURITY AND SAFETY: Our High Potency Superior Absorption COLLAGEN PEPTIDES 14 IN 1 COLLAGEN ADVANCED COMPLEX Capsules are manufactured right here in the USA. Collagen Peptides 14 in 1 Advanced Complex is made with pure grass-feed collagen in an easy-to-swallow vegan capsule form that helps boost healthy collagen levels.
    • HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE FORM OF COLLAGEN PEPTIDES: Collagen Peptides 14 in 1 Collagen Advanced Complex can greatly enhance collagen's bioavailability, making it highly absorbable. PROMOTES HAIR, SKIN, NAILS, AND COLLON HEALTH FUNCTION: Research showed Collagen Peptides 14 in 1 promoted recall, age-related health, and promoted the creation of new Hair, Skin, and Nails.
    • SUPPORTS SKIN, HAIR, NAILS, AND GUT HEALTH: Collagen 14 in 1 is natural collagen that immediately helps the growth of Hair, Nails, Skin, and Gut Health. This product is specifically formulated around 6 billion Probiotics to Support Gut Health in 6-string acid resistance probiotics.
    • Collagen Peptides 14 in 1 is a highly bioavailable, absorbable form of Collagen naturally found in Bovine, Poultry, and Fish. Collagen Peptides also promote healthy digestion and can support natural constipation relief.
    • Every capsule features hydrolyzed collagen types I, II, and III, from 3 food sources (Beef, Chicken, and Fish). Our collagen powder is non-GMO, grass-fed, and pasture-raised, made without hormones, cage-free, and cruelty-free, and provides a wide variety of health benefits. Collagen Peptides 14 in 1 can be digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits. Helps improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints, ligaments, and tendons.
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